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Filtre métallique pour le secteur aérospatial

Aerospace and Space

Our commitment to excellence in metal filtration plays a crucial role in aviation and aerospace. Our production processes have EN9100 certification and can adapt to the highest requirements of aviation and aerospace, so that you can benefit from adapted filtration solutions.

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Filtres métallique pour l'industrie automobile


We are specialized in metal filter that can fit into a complte system. We design our industrial metal filter on specification or technical drawing.

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Filtre métallique pour les secteurs de la chimie, de la pétrochimie et du oil and gaz

Chemicals/ Petrochemicals/ Oil and Gas

In the complex world of chemicals, petrochemicals and oil and gas, metal filtration plays an indispensable role in a variety of production processes, guaranteeing the quality of finished products and the safety of the plant.

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Filtre métallique pour les systèmes de climatisation industrielle

Climate Control

As a company specialised in the manufacturing of metal filters, we understand the crucial importance of these components, which are often underestimated but indispensable, both for heating (boilers, heat pumps, geothermal energy, unit heating) and refrigeration (circuits).

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Filtre métallique pour la protection électromagnétique dans un poste de transformation électrique

Electromagnetic protection

From epoxy resin filters to protection grids, our know-how serves various application within the energy sector.

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Filtration métallique pour le secteur des Station de traitement d'eau potable et de l'environnement


In a world where environmental challenges demand innovative and sustainable solutions, we are committed to supplying leading-edge metal filtration solutions to address the critical needs of the water and environment industry.

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Filtre métallique utilisé dans une usine de transformation laitière

Food Processing

Metal filters play an essential role in the optimisation of production processes in the food processing industry. As a specialist manufacturing metal filters, we are aware of the crucial importance of these components for maintaining high quality, food safety and environmental standards.

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Filtration pour l'industrie d'air, de liquide ou bien de gaz

Industrial processes and machinery

Whether used for air, liquid or gas filtration, industrial metal filters are indispensable allies for maintaining product quality and a long machine life.

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Filtre métallique pour l'industrie nucléaire et le recyclage des déchets radioactifs


Metal filtration in the nuclear industry takes on crucial importance to keep installations safe and efficient. We offer tailored filtration solutions for the demanding nuclear industry.

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Filtres métalliques pour les laboratoires de recherche pharmaceutique

Pharmaceuticals/ Cosmetics/ Medical

We offer our support in the design and manufacturing of metal filters with our custom made solutions answering the strict needs of the cosmetics, phamaceuticals and medical industries.

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