Stamped metal filters stand apart as essential components, offering reliable performance and exceptional durability. These recyclable devices are made to measure and play a crucial part in a variety of industries, such as food processing, nuclear power, chemicals, petrochemicals, water treatment, automobile manufacturing etc.

Stamped metal filters: excellence in industrial filtration

In the chemicals industry, for example, our stamped mesh filters are designed to withstand corrosive chemicals and to guarantee reliable and lasting filtration.

In the water treatment industry or in automotive manufacturing (hydraulic circuits), they play an essential role in the protection of downstream equipment (pump, solenoid valves, valves, meters etc.).

They can also withstand the most extreme temperatures, negative and positive alike.

As a company specialised in manufacturing industrial metal filters, our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of our stamped filters.

What is a stamped filter?

Stamped metal filters represent a significant advance in the area of filtration. These filters are made from high-quality metals (metal mesh, knitted metal, expanded metal, strips etc.) and are characterised by their stamped structure, offering the perfect combination between mechanical strength and optimum filtration capacity. Stamping is a meticulous process, which gives these filters a precise shape and robustness that makes them stand apart in the market. Thanks to that technique, our stamped metal filters offer heightened resistance to the most extreme environmental conditions, while maintaining maximum filtration efficacy.

Our stamped filters or sieve filters are designed with precision to meet the highest standards in the industry. Each filter undergoes thorough quality control, to guarantee production consistency.

These stamped filters may also be welded, compacted, overmoulded or crimped on flange rings.

Our Approach

Icône print to spec
Built to Spec
icone built-to-print
Built to Print
Icône Pièce Unique ou Grande Série
From a single component to a large run
Icône leader europeen de la filtration metallique
European specialist in metal filtration

Examples of completed works :

Gas filters

Filter for pumps

Filter for valves

Filter for solenoid valves

Stamped expanded metal filters

Multi-ply stamped filters with metal mesh

Filters for water meters

Filters for gas meters

Filters for hydraulic filters

Oxygen filters

Hydrogen filters

Toiles emboutis tassées

Stamped compacted mesh

Stamped filters crimped on machined parts

Stamped filters crimped on screws or screwing system

Stamped filters for assembly in thread

  • Perforation and laser cutting of plain and perforated plate
  • Laser cutting of metal mesh
  • Punching
  • Stamping
  • Resistance welding
  • Options on request: flange ring to measure, special shapes and flow and head loss calculations
  • Traceability
  • Pickling and passivation
  • TIG welding to standard ASME IX, ISO 24394 and ISO9606-1
  • Special packaging: cardboard, container box, wooden box, ISPM 15 wooden box for maritime transport etc.
  • Build to spec
  • Build to print
  • Design to cost
  • Design to specifications
  • Build to print
  • Flow simulation
  • Head loss calculation
  • Supply of design calculations
  • Pressure resistance test in laboratory upon request
  • Dimensions Ø 3 to 250mm. Other dimensions available on request
  • 10µm to 5 mm filtration, and 5 mm to 50 mm screening
  • All types of stainless steel (304,304L, 316, 316L, duplex, super duplex, Monel etc.) and other less common materials
  • Brass and bronze

Are you in need of a custom-made metallic filter ?

Our team is available to design with you the metallic filtration solution that will suit your need.

Let's discuss your project !


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