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As a company specialised in the manufacturing of metal filters, we understand the crucial importance of these components, which are often underestimated but indispensable, both for heating (boilers, heat pumps, geothermal energy, unit heating) and refrigeration (circuits).

In the complex world of the HVAC industry, air quality and energy efficiency are major concerns. As a company specialised in the manufacturing of metal filters, we understand the crucial importance of these components, which are often underestimated but indispensable, both for heating (boilers, heat pumps, geothermal energy, unit heating) and refrigeration (circuits).


Boilers play a central role in many industrial installations. Not only is the safety of equipment assured, but energy efficiency is also improved, thus extending the life of boilers. Because of their durability and ability to be cleaned and reused, metal filters help reduce the maintenance costs of boilers and the environmental impact. This characteristic is particularly advantageous in an industrial context where the frequency of use is high.


By promoting clean and efficient combustion, metal filters help reduce pollutant emissions, thus strengthening the environmental performance of installations using boilers.


For their part, refrigeration systems demand extreme precision to maintain stable temperatures. By retaining unwanted particles, metal filters protect the installation, optimise its efficiency and reduce the risk of malfunction. Refrigeration valves are critical elements in the control of refrigerant flow. Metal filters prevent the build-up of contaminants, thus avoiding premature wear and tear of valves and ensuring reliable operation.


The ability of metal filters to withstand extreme conditions contributes to the longevity of refrigeration systems.


We are committed to supplying high-quality filtration solutions that meet the specific requirements of the HVAC industry and to thus contribute to the operational and environmental performance of your company.


Exemples of specific metal filters :

  • Gas recirculation filters
  • Boiler filters
  • Heating technology filters
  • Refrigeration technology filters
  • Filters for refrigeration circuits
  • Filters for refrigeration valves
  • Heating filters
  • Domestic filters
  • Domestic hot water filters
  • Magnetic filters
  • Cartridge filter
  • Heating circuit filter
  • Sludge filters
  • Sludge removal filters
  • Filters with KTW and/or WRAS potability compatibility
  • Ventilation filters
  • Y screen filters

Our Approach

Icône print to spec
Built to Spec
icone built-to-print
Built to Print
Icône Pièce Unique ou Grande Série
From a single component to a large run
Icône leader europeen de la filtration metallique
European leader in metal filter

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Custom Crimped Metal Mesh Disc

Disc Filters

Protect your industrial process with our made-to-measure disc filters: 1. Industrial applications of disc filters: optimise your process with our metal solutions Whether you want to filter liquids in chemical processes, separate fine particles in the food industry or purify air in ventilation systems, our metal disc filters offer a versatile solution. Their tailored design […]

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crépine tôle perforée inox

Filter Strainers

Metallic filter strainers are one of our specialities. These innovative filtration devices are designed to meticulously precise standards so as to address the most stringent industrial filtration requirements. By combining high-quality materials and leading-edge engineering, our strainers offer a reliable and effective solution for the most complex filtration needs. Our metal strainers are unique because […]

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grille filtrante métallique en inox

Grid and Screen filters

1. Industrial applications of filter screens : essential metal filtration and separation solutions Screen filters occupy a strategic place in gas or fluid circuits, offering effective filtration to protect the quality of industrial processes. What is more, our screens are often used at air inlets, where they play a crucial role in keeping the environment […]

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Filtres Métalliques surmoulés

Overmoulded Filters

Overmoulded metal filters, which are designed to exceptional precision standards, mark a significant advance in the world of filtration, by offering a rugged and reliable solution for the most demanding filtration applications and environments. Overmoulded metal filters have become indispensable in a wide range of industries because of their unique properties and exceptional performance. For […]

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Crépines en inox, Différents formats disponibles

Sieve Filters

We have been experts in filtration for 100 years and can offer metal sieve filters that are indispensable for manufacturers who are committed to the quality of their industrial processes. These filters are highly engineered and use top-quality materials and leading-edge technology to offer exceptional performance. Our metal sieve filters are characterised by their rugged […]

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Filtres emboutis métalliques

Stamped mesh filters

Stamped metal filters: excellence in industrial filtration In the chemicals industry, for example, our stamped mesh filters are designed to withstand corrosive chemicals and to guarantee reliable and lasting filtration. In the water treatment industry or in automotive manufacturing (hydraulic circuits), they play an essential role in the protection of downstream equipment (pump, solenoid valves, […]

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  • Stamping and press forming of metal mesh
  • Stamping and press forming of steel or stainless steel strips
  • Laser cutting of special shapes, for plates and filter media
  • Electrical welding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Crimping
  • Detergent, ultrasonic and acid bath cleaning
  • Automatic and semi-automatic production
  • Automated inspection resources
  • Reliability
  • Repeatability
  • Presses from 6 to 125T
  • Resistance, micro plasma, TIG and ultrasonic welding
  • Soft and hard brazing
  • Dedicated special machines
  • Industrial gluing
  • Design to specifications
  • Build to print or joint design
  • Designing of tools and special machines for large runs
  • Automation
  • Particle size and gravimetric analysis to standard ISO16232 on request
  • Screwing or clipping
  • Quality control
  • Risk analysis
  • Technical review
  • Design to measure
  • Technical study
  • Head loss
  • Filtration simulation

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