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In the complex world of chemicals, petrochemicals and oil and gas, metal filtration plays an indispensable role in a variety of production processes, guaranteeing the quality of finished products and the safety of the plant.

Metal filtration applications in the chemicals, petrochemicals and oil and gas industries

For chemicals, it is used for purifying chemicals, separating impurities and filtering reagents, thus guaranteeing the quality of finished products. Petrochemicals also benefit from metal filtration, particularly for processing hydrocarbons and petroleum refining. One essential sub-area is the processing of oils, where metal filtration can eliminate particles and contaminants, thus ensuring that the oils used in the various industrial processes are pure. Lastly, in the gas industry, metal filtration is crucial for eliminating solid particles, contaminants and impurities, to maintain the quality of the processed gas. We understand the critical importance of metal filtration in these industries and offer solutions that are adapted to each specific application, thus guaranteeing reliable production processes that comply with the most stringent standards.


Optimise the performance of your oil and gas operations with our industrial metal filtration solutions

In the oil and gas industry, metal filtration takes on particular importance because of the extreme environments and harsh operating conditions to which the equipment and infrastructure are subjected. Oil and gas drilling, production, transport and refining operations often involve handling corrosive and abrasive fluids containing solid particles. Metal filtration is essential for protecting critical equipment such as pumps, compressors, turbines and valves from wear and tear, corrosion and the damage caused by contaminants.

In this industry, metal filters are often used to filter drilling fluid, drilling mud, production oils, natural gas and refined petroleum products. These metal filters are designed to withstand extreme conditions in terms of temperature, pressure and chemical composition, thus guaranteeing reliable and lasting performance in hostile environments. Further, their rugged design and ability to effectively hold back unwanted particles help keep operations safe and protect the quality of finished products.


Further, at a time when there is greater awareness of the need for environment protection and sustainability, metal filtration plays a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gases, minimising waste and conserving natural resources. By effectively filtering out contaminants from fluids and gases, it helps improve the efficiency of processes and reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas operations.


Our ability to address the needs of the chemicals, petrochemicals and oil and gas industries

Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand the specific challenges faced by these industries, and are committed to supplying high-quality metal filtration solutions that are rugged and reliable. Whether you need to filter corrosive chemicals or hydrocarbons at high temperatures or to process compressed gas or oils, we have the competencies and capabilities for designing and manufacturing tailored metal filters that will meet your requirements.


Specific filters:

  • Sieve filter for drilling head
  • Pump protection filter
  • Temporary valve protection filter
  • Oil cartridges
  • Gas filter
  • Pipeline filters
  • Petroleum filters
  • Gas diffuser filter
  • Hydrogen filters
  • Preventive maintenance filter
  • Corrective maintenance filter
  • Candle filters for gas
  • Gas filtration cartridges

Our Approach

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Built to Spec
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Built to print
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Single production to large run
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European Leader in metallic filtration

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Conical stainless steel mesh filters

Conical Filters

1. The strategic use of conical filters in industrial applications These temporary conical filters are widely used to keep process fluids clean in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, petrochemicals, environment, water treatment and food processing, for example. Their ability to adapt to variable flow rates and maintain consistent filtration efficacy makes them a […]

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Custom Crimped Metal Mesh Disc

Disc Filters

Protect your industrial process with our made-to-measure disc filters: 1. Industrial applications of disc filters: optimise your process with our metal solutions Whether you want to filter liquids in chemical processes, separate fine particles in the food industry or purify air in ventilation systems, our metal disc filters offer a versatile solution. Their tailored design […]

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Filtre panier en acier inoxydable avec tôle perforée

Filter Baskets

1 . Strategic use of metal filter baskets in industrial applications They are used everywhere in industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals or chemicals manufacturing, where the quality of process fluid is crucial. The flexibility offered by these tailored baskets allow them to adapt perfectly to the needs of each industrial application, thus offering optimum filtration […]

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Custom Metal Filter Cartridges

Filter Cartridges

Industrial applications of metal filter cartridges: Our metal cartridges are essential components that guarantee high-quality filtration, thus ensuring the efficiency of fluid and gas processes. They play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness or breaking flows, and so contribute to the proper working of critical machinery in industries such as petrochemicals, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, food […]

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crépine tôle perforée inox

Filter Strainers

Metallic filter strainers are one of our specialities. These innovative filtration devices are designed to meticulously precise standards so as to address the most stringent industrial filtration requirements. By combining high-quality materials and leading-edge engineering, our strainers offer a reliable and effective solution for the most complex filtration needs. Our metal strainers are unique because […]

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grille filtrante métallique en inox

Grid and Screen filters

1. Industrial applications of filter screens : essential metal filtration and separation solutions Screen filters occupy a strategic place in gas or fluid circuits, offering effective filtration to protect the quality of industrial processes. What is more, our screens are often used at air inlets, where they play a crucial role in keeping the environment […]

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Filtres Métalliques surmoulés

Overmoulded Filters

Overmoulded metal filters, which are designed to exceptional precision standards, mark a significant advance in the world of filtration, by offering a rugged and reliable solution for the most demanding filtration applications and environments. Overmoulded metal filters have become indispensable in a wide range of industries because of their unique properties and exceptional performance. For […]

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Crépines en inox, Différents formats disponibles

Sieve Filters

We have been experts in filtration for 100 years and can offer metal sieve filters that are indispensable for manufacturers who are committed to the quality of their industrial processes. These filters are highly engineered and use top-quality materials and leading-edge technology to offer exceptional performance. Our metal sieve filters are characterised by their rugged […]

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Filtres emboutis métalliques

Stamped mesh filters

Stamped metal filters: excellence in industrial filtration In the chemicals industry, for example, our stamped mesh filters are designed to withstand corrosive chemicals and to guarantee reliable and lasting filtration. In the water treatment industry or in automotive manufacturing (hydraulic circuits), they play an essential role in the protection of downstream equipment (pump, solenoid valves, […]

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  • Perforation and laser cutting of plain and perforated plate
  • Perforation and laser cutting of metal mesh
  • Punching
  • Stamping
  • TIG welding to standard ASME IX and ISO9606-1
  • Resistance welding
  • Plasma welding
  • Brazing and soldering (silver and tin)
  • Options on request: special shapes and flow and head loss calculations
  • Traceability
  • Penetrant testing to all standards
  • Radiographic inspection
  • Visual inspection to ASME B31.3 and ASME V
  • Pickling and passivation
  • Special packaging: cardboard, container box, wooden box, ISPM 15 wooden box for maritime transport etc.
  • Build to spec
  • Build to print
  • Design to cost
  • Design to specifications
  • Build to print
  • Flow simulation
  • Head loss calculation
  • Supply of design calculations
  • Welding log
  • 3µm to 5 mm filtration and 5 mm to 50 mm screening
  • Normal flow, tangential flow, one-way or double-flow filtration
  • From single pieces to small, medium, large and very large runs
  • Adaptability for flanges to ASME LBS 150/300/600 or ISO PN 10/16/25/40 or SMS Clamp and DIN
  • All types of stainless steel (304, 304L, 316, 316L, duplex, super duplex etc.) and other less common materials

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