For the energy industry, we work on manufacturing metal screens or medium and high-voltage Faraday cages, and on making protective grids for systems to protect. Explore new electromagnetic protection applications with us.

1. Metal screens for epoxy resin:

In the area of electromagnetic protection, our metal screens (also called Faraday cages) overmoulded in epoxy resin are leading-edge solutions. They are designed for high and medium-voltage transformers, and medium-voltage circuit breakers, and are used for making lead-in insulators and capacitive insulators. In our designing department, we customise each product according to the customer’s needs and drawings, offering flexible production in small to large runs.

2. Metal grids to standard IP4X or IP3X:

Our range of metal grids meets stringent IP4X/IP43 standards and offers reliable protection from foreign bodies. These metal filtering elements are essential for protecting the integrity of electrical systems. They are made to measure and designed for demanding applications, offering a solution for a variety of environments. We have the ability to supply high-quality components that contribute to the safety and performance of electrical installations.

3. Emerging applications in electromagnetic protection:

Explore new electromagnetic protection applications with us. As trusted experts, we aim to extend our impact to industries such as wind farms, offshore electricity stations and smart networks. Discover how our production capacity and range of industrial metal filters can strengthen the protection of your systems in these demanding environments. Let us work together so that you can benefit from our know-how to anticipate emerging challenges in the areas of electrical or electromagnetic protection.

Our Approach

icone built-to-print
Buitl to Print
Design to Cost
Design to Cost
Production France or Romania
Production France or Romania
Icône Pièce Unique ou Grande Série
Dedicated production line

Examples of completed works :

IP4X grid in 304/304L expanded stainless steel, dimensions 120*500mm with cut-out fastening holes.

IP4X grid in 850µm filtration mesh, wire diameter 200m, 304/304L stainless steel, dimensions 150*200 with cut-out fastening holes.

Medium-voltage filter screen in expanded 304L stainless steel, diameter 40mm, 3 crimped M5 brass inserts.

High-voltage screen in expanded steel, 1100mm high, electrically welded body, 8 knurled M8 inserts welded to stainless steel tab.

Industrial Faraday cage metal filter for epoxy resin, medium voltage, in expanded aluminium, brass, stainless steel etc.

  • Laser cutting
  • Rolling
  • Forming
  • Finishing
  • Electrical welding
  • Soldering
  • Crimping
  • Press stamping
  • Automated production
  • Detergent washing
  • Design to specifications
  • Build to print supplied by customer
  • Special automated machines
  • Development of special tools
  • 250 to 1250A, others on request
  • Conformity to standard IP4X/IP3X

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