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Our expertise in metal filtration for the energy industry goes well beyond mere components. We supply tailored solutions that comply with the most demanding standards, and have the capability to take up technology challenges to guarantee the electromagnetic protection of your equipment, in small to large manufacturing runs.

Metal filtration: the basis of electromagnetic protection


The first pillar of electromagnetic protection is made up of high-quality metal filtration. These metal filters act as effective barriers that keep out electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrostatic discharge (ESD), thus protecting sensitive electronic components from external disturbances. Whether they are used in power electronics, medical devices or communication systems, metal filters have emerged as a versatile and indispensable solution.


Metal filtration in the area of electromagnetic protection: epoxy resin filters in the energy industry


When it comes to energy infrastructure, electromagnetic protection is a must, and metal filtration plays a key role in that effort. Our expertise in the energy industry is unique, and our filters can be fitted in high and medium-voltage transformers and medium-voltage circuit breakers for excellent performance. These components are overmoulded in epoxy resin and are not just filters, but also key components for making lead-in insulators and capacitive insulators.


Standards in the electricity industry: filtration solutions that comply with standard IP4X or IP3X


In the energy industry, compliance with standards is of the essence. We are proud to supply filtration solutions that meet all the requirements of standards IP4X or IP3X. That offers maximum protection from the ingress of dust and foreign bodies, making your equipment more reliable and giving it a longer life. By selecting our metal filters, you have the guarantee of strict compliance and optimum performance, including in the most demanding environments.


Designing to measure: making of manufacturing equipment that is suited to your needs


Our value lies in the complete personalisation of our products. Because we have a specialised design department, we design the manufacturing resources required for the exact development of your filters. Each product is special, and made for the customer’s needs according to their drawings. Whether you need a small run for specific projects or large quantities for deployments on a larger scale, our production capacity will adapt to your requirements. The materials and manufacturing methods used for making our filters thus contribute to the long-term efficiency of your energy systems, whatever they are.

Our Approach

Icône print to spec
Built to Spec
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Built to Print
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From small series to a large run

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Electromagnetic Metal Protective Filter

Electromagnetic Shielding

1. Metal screens for epoxy resin: In the area of electromagnetic protection, our metal screens (also called Faraday cages) overmoulded in epoxy resin are leading-edge solutions. They are designed for high and medium-voltage transformers, and medium-voltage circuit breakers, and are used for making lead-in insulators and capacitive insulators. In our designing department, we customise each […]

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grille filtrante métallique en inox

Grid and Screen filters

1. Industrial applications of filter screens : essential metal filtration and separation solutions Screen filters occupy a strategic place in gas or fluid circuits, offering effective filtration to protect the quality of industrial processes. What is more, our screens are often used at air inlets, where they play a crucial role in keeping the environment […]

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  • Laser cutting
  • Rolling
  • Forming
  • Finishing
  • Press stamping
  • Electrical welding
  • Crimping
  • Automated production
  • Detergent washing
  • Designing to specifications
  • Build to print supplied by the customer
  • Special automated machines
  • Development of special tools
  • 250A to 1250A, others on request
  • Conformity to standard IP4X/IP3X
  • Consignment stock on request
  • Special packaging on request

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